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Art and music are back at the Palladium during DRIVEN: A Latinx Artist Celebration. Hyundai provided vehicles to the artists below to create special wraps for this event. Click on an artist to learn more about their installation and see other work.

Diana Gomez


Diana Gomez invites us into a world of freedom, transformation, and empowerment. Strong women call out for justice, love, and respect. A car wrapped in flowers urges people to eradicate violence, encouraging them to respect and appreciate humanity and life. United voices that never hide the truth and appreciate the miracle of life will always overcome trouble and triumph.

Norberto Rodriguez

I Wanna be like you. 2020

The color gradient comes from my love of the sun (setting + rising), which is responsible for giving everything life.  It’s also a reference to the recent outbreaks of fires across the globe which reflect our fragile + tenuous relationship with it.


The words are a recent iteration of my thoughts since very young on how there is no difference between living things, only a distinction among them; In how we see them, how we experience them, our relationship to + with them.  Everything that is alive is a reflection of everything else that lives.


The title comes from lyrics to the song sung by King Louie in the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, where he tries to coerce Mowgli to give up man’s secret of fire.

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Steffano Alvarez


Steffano Alvarez AKA Step Son is an urban contemporary artist blending styles from the street with a refined abstract palette. Born in Miami, raised in Santiago Chile x Los Angeles. Step is a true artist by nature with the ability to manipulate and transform any type of media in a true freestyle fashion.


Steffano selected his piece “Día de la furia” to represent the ebb and flow of different emotions passing throughout the psyche.

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